Did you know that the rainbow included black vegetables?

Alfred Hitchcock was respected as the Master of Suspense films. He has many loyal fans, including me. These are my picks for the best of the best Hitchcock movies. Agree or Disagree?

Some movies and TV shows just don’t get added to my watch list.

Sweet potatoes are a sweet, starchy root vegetable grown and loved around the world; from Africa to Asia to America. For many, they are a favorite root vegetable.

These are the Top 3 cities on my dream travel bucket list. Do you agree?

If you’re a newlywed and a new mom, you’re going to need some ME time and historical romance novels are a great escape!

If you want to learn about Indian cuisine, you need to become familiar with this cooking term: TEMPERING.

Typical Indian buffet

Why is it that nobody ever thinks of the guy I would pick for Jame Bond?

Having been a loyal viewer of American TV sitcoms since the late 50s, I can state unequivocally that ‘A Different World’ presented a different world to the US audience.

Collage via Vanity Fair

Za’atar is a spice mix or a spice blend used in Arab and Israeli cuisines. It is used in recipes the same way Westerners use salt.

The Spruce Eats

Fox Marks ATX

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