Advice for Newbie Bloggers: WordPress Users ~ Don’t Forget Categories and Tags

My son is a Wordpress loyalist; whereas I like to experiment with various publishing platforms (since they’re free to try). He says for his money, Wordpress is the best blogging platform out there. I must admit some of his recommendations and suggestions do carry a lot of weight. For one thing, he told me to be very particular about my categories and tags as they have a critical impact on SEO. This was my understanding right from the start, but it was good to hear him confirm that my understanding was correct.


I maintain several blogs, but only one is on the WordPress platform. In the beginning, I made an arbitrary decision to limit my topic categories to no more than 10 because it’s easier to manage. Also, I picked topics that I noticed blogging communities and forums used for their posting categories, as my guide. I tried to create categories which were general yet specific. Based on my son’s advice, I revisited my categories and tags created for the blog and gave them a really good tweaking. Below is my current list of topic categories.

1. Business and Work
2. Entertainment
3. Food and Drink
4. Cultural and Lifestyle
5. Holidays and Celebrations
6. Travel and Vacation
7. Uncategorized


With regards to my tags, I believe I am guilty of overtagging. Blogging experts advise that this is not a good practice, and it can impact SEO adversely. In other words, excessive tagging “confuses” the search engines, and they don’t know how to rank your content. I did a quickie review and realized that I have over a thousand (1000) tags for about one hundred (100) blog entries. At one of the writing communities where I publish short articles, they have a “tagging rule”. No more than 6 tags are allowed per post. If I follow their rule for my own blog, that will mean that I should have about 600 relevant tags for my posts. I have double that amount. It won’t be that difficult to get rid of the excess tags but it’s another project that will probably take a few hours (or maybe an entire day). It’s on my “To Do List”.

* * *

Here are some references or links of interest that should supply useful advice and help for beginning bloggers.

* * *


(1) If you are blogger using the Wordpress platform, do you agree that it’s the best blogging platform or do you prefer a different application?

(2) Also, regardless of which platform you use, how often do you revisit and revise the categories and tags that you created when you initially set up your blog?



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